Setting Captive’s Free 60 Day Course

I would encourage any and all who struggle with pornography and self gratification (masturbation) to try this great resource. The lessons only take about 45 mins to an hour per day, and they are filled with truth and life.

Here is a very short excerpt from the “The Way of Purity” course.

During my years of slavery to pornography, I would try one method after another, one book or support group after another, always seeking the knowledge which would free me. I wanted to feel better; I wanted others to see me as a spiritual giant; I wanted to have a better self-image. But looking back, I see that these motives were all wrong: it was all about me. It was for my own glory, and that’s why it never lasted.

Question 1

Have you discovered that, in the past, you may have desired freedom for the wrong reasons? What were those reasons?

Mostly, to get rid of the horrible feelings of guilt and shame. I realized later on I really didn’t even want freedom I wanted to not feel guilty but continue my sexual sin which seemed to help me ignore my thoughts about myself etc.

Now looking back there is no way to be freed from the guilt and shame and still be a Christian. The only way is to fully surrender it to Christ and he will take the bondage away.



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