I am just an average guy who has struggled with this “not so obvious addiction” for almost 15 years. I am a follower of Christ and believe that there is absolute truth.

Sexual addiction is a disease which has run rampant in our culture and is growing in exponential proportions. God has set me free from the spiritual bondage of sexual sin, but my flesh always has a yearning to return to its former love of wallowing in self pity and engaging in pornography and other sexual addictions. This is why we need to protect ourselves with resources, blocks/filters, accountability, and most of all the full armor of God.

Your flesh does not want to be set free from the comfort of sexual addiction. In my experience it takes sacrifice and long hard work to fight the flesh and get to a point where you can truly ask God with a pure heart to protect you from your own thought life.

– The Not So Obvious Addict

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17


1. Resources = Encouraging blog posts, pod casts, and media rating sites that help you make smart media choices.

2. Block/filters = Web filters help put up a first defense to temptation.

3. Accountability = Brothers and sisters in arms come along side you and help you run the race which is laid before you.

4. Full Armor of God = Ephesians 6:10-18


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I need an accountability partner. I have been struggling with this addiction for 18 years… As early as 10 years old. I use to self-gratify 7x a day when I was younger I have been fighting it for years and go longer periods without… I was married for a period and in an unhealthy relationship there were periods of separation and that’s when I would dabble again… Not going through a divorce and being celibate again has made it difficult to not fall back into the temptation. I married an addict of all sorts and feel hypocritical because he would not stop using yet I find myself to “using” in my own sense and then crying to God because I know it does not please him. I always feel so ashamed and the even more disappointed for judging my husband. Which we were married I was able to have sex so I did “use” so to speak. I was celibate 2.5 years before I got married right after I got baptized but then… I would use and always fought it and tried to stop.


    • This is a very difficult issue for many people, I would encourage you to speak to people you trust and love within a God-fearing Bible believing church. Ask for local accountability partners that can walk along side you as Arron walked along side Moses. It should be someone who no longer struggles with the same issues you do, and someone who is your same gender who loves and cares about your well being. Also, getting rid of all traces (cutting off your hand if it causes you to sin). This would include things like unhealthy relationships that cause you to stumble, things that may tempt you with protection on them or not (Internet, TV, movie theaters, etc).

      There are many resources that can help as well:

      For issues with pornography and self-gratification:
      -k9webprotection.com, netnanny.com, other filters and blocks for PCs and smartphones.
      -Free/paid Christian counseling

      If you would like to speak further you can communicate with me at macresxv@gmail.com.

      I pray that God would have grace on you and reveal his word to your heart. That he would give you the strength to stand up under temptation and to make necessary changes in your life to fight back against this disease that has ruined so many lives and families.



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